Klasszik Lasszó

It was created by chance: the writer Ferenc Czinki, with the excellent musicians of the band Blahalouisiana (Barbara Schoblocher, Gábor Jancsó, Máté Pénzes), he invited the poet Zsófi Kemény and Iván Vitáris – who can be known from Ivan & The Parazol – to one of his shows. Later on Bertalan Sárkány joined to the group – from the band Mary Popkids – and finally Dávid Benkő from PASO. It became an occaisonal creative group, they will be featured in festivals, clubs and theaters with their new show Magyar Szakítós. The members: Zsófi Kemény, Iván Vitáris, Barbara Schoblocher, Gábor Jancsó, Bertalan Sárkány, Dávid Benkő, Ferenc Czinki.