Ian Siegal

Ian Siegal was born in 1971 in the south of England. His first musical memories are linked to the names of Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and Chuck Berry. Then came the most influential favorites: Muddy Waters and Howlin´ Wolf, whose music made a deep impression on him. His music is said by many critics to be the most faithful imprint of the legacy of musicians like Howlin 'Wolf, Son House, Junior Kimbrough, but most of all Tom Waits, whose great admirer.

Today, Siegal has become the most prominent figure in the English blues, winning the British Blues Awards nearly a dozen times and claiming to be the holder of the European Blues Awards, his double nomination for the US Blues Music Awards also highlights him from the ranks of the old continent’s blues players.

Ian Siegal regularily performs in Hungary as a soloist, with his All Star band, B.L.U.E.S, and as a member of Braindogs.

Discography: 2004 Standing in the Morning 2005 Meat & Potatoes 2006 A Bigger Plate of Meat and Potatoes 2007 Swagger 2008 The Dust 2009 Broadside 2011 The Skinny (with the Youngest Sons) 2012 Candy Store Kid (with Mississippi Mudbloods) 2014 Man and Guitar 2015 The Picnic Sessions 2015 One Night in Amsterdam 2016 Wayward Sons (with Jimbo Mathus) 2018 All The Rage 2022 Stone on Stone