Európa Kiadó

The cultic band of the 80s Európa Kiadó, is an active band again! In a short time, the band became the dominant ensemble of contemporary Hungarian alternative rock music life. There were many interruptions in the band’s life until the mid 90’s when they finished making music. On the occasion of joining the European Union in 2004, they gave a concert again on the A38, and then in 2013 they released a new album with new members. At the end of 2016, the band's latest album was released under the title ...Valahol Lenni... . With new members the band became a regular performer of festivals and music clubs in 2017. At the beginning of the summer they delighted the fans with a full-house MÜPA concert. They released their latest single, Nincs kontroll, in March 2018, followed by the release of Love - 2020, which resonates with the band’s first album in 2021, and a record tour in 2022